Cuenca, Ecuador

Give back to a local foundation who empower at-risk kids and explore
the cultural nooks and crannies in the colonial city of Cuenca.

July 24th - August 2nd, 2019 (10 Days)

dates are flexible, get in touch for customized options!

Your next Spring Break

Go on a 10-day cultural journey and get lost in the colorful throngs of indigenous dress and the endless lush, green mountains. 

While you're not wandering around the cobbled lanes and soaking up the unique European architecture, get your hands dirty building a zero-waste urban farm for a local foundation. 

For meaningful moments you won't soon forget. 

Program cost: $1,950.00 USD


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A Snapshot of your experience

Pairing sustainability with meaningful community service work in the bustling city of Cuenca, your experience will include:

  • 5 days collaborating with a local organization to learn about service learning and help build a zero-waste urban garden

  • 10 days living with a loving homestay family, with 3 traditional Ecuadorian meals a day (warning; we love rice and beans!) 

  • Weekend excursions to ancient Incan ruins and an untouched national park full of towering, mystic mountains, and hundreds of inviting lagoons.

  • Many cultural activities, including an empanada-making class, tour of the local market, traditional salsa lessons, and a local scavenger hunt.

  • Guided workshops that build your skills and knowledge of sustainable volunteerism, cultural competence, and job hunting and resume building 


Interested to learn more?

The Service Project


Build a sustainable and self-sufficient “huerto” (small-scale urban farm) for one of El Nomad’s closest partner foundations. We will construct the farm with 100% recyclable materials, ensuring zero-waste and maximum resourcefulness. 


Providing educational after-school care, the foundation works hard to improve the life and opportunity of kids from a low socioeconomic class.

The urban farm will supply the foundation with their monthly food essentials, including local fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Since the foundation provides at-risk kids with a daily "almuerzo" (lunch), the garden will help to reduce the monthly budget spent on produce, while educating the kids on healthy eating and sustainable agriculture.

What makes it sustainable? 

El Nomad collaborates with the foundation year-around, contributing regular donations, volunteering at events, and maintaining the urban farm. Once you leave, the next group will continue your work. We love to welcome back returning students, so please come and see the progress of the project any time.  

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The El Nomad approach

Our main policy is to develop programs that directly align with the interests and needs of our partners.

El Nomad partners are also our friends, and we often get together for a cup of coffee and catch up. Just like a good friend would, we do everything we can to positively support and nurture their social mission. 

As we collaboratively build out volunteer projects, El Nomad strives to facilitate growth in a way that is gradual and sustainable. This isn’t a one time collaboration – we ensure the sustainability of the urban farm by continuing our friendship, and the development of the project, for many years to come. 


  • Gain field experience in the planning, analysis, and execution of a community-oriented service project

  • Contribute to a long-term partnership with a local organization that extends beyond your time in Ecuador

  • Expand your international cultural and social competency as a committed global citizen

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