+ Anti-Discrimination Policy

El Nomad does not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, race, sexual orientation, national, or ethnic origin, and/or physical or mental disability in the administration of its policies and programs. The information you provide on application forms, etc. will be kept confidential and shared only with the El Nomad admissions committee and other authorized faculty and staff.

+ Health and Safety

In Cuenca most dangers and nuisances can be largely avoided using common sense: avoid dark allies at night, especially if you are by yourself; take a taxi at night; never travel with more money than you can afford to lose, and always keep belongings within sight. All homestays are located in carefully selected, upper-middle class neighborhoods. For the most up-to-date safety information, please refer to the Department of State website.
Note: If you are ever out in Cuenca and feel you will be unable to return home safely, do not hesitate to call the El Nomad 24-hour emergency numbers at 0990093695 or 0990043695 (or +011 593 90093695 if calling from the U.S.) and ask for assistance. That’s what we’re here for!

+ 24-Hour On-site Bilingual Assistance

Your well-being is our number one priority. El Nomad Staff are always just a phone call away and are available 24/7. With the exception of some Custom Group programs, all El Nomad participants are issued an Ecuadorian cell-phone as a part of the program package. This cell phone comes preloaded with credit to get you started, and pre-programmed with all El Nomad Staff phone numbers, emergency numbers, and the emergency numbers for the U.S. Embassy in Guayaquil.

+ Illness

For medical emergencies, depending on the severity, El Nomad bilingual staff will make sure you are taken to see the correct medical professionals and receive the necessary treatment. Ecuador has many world-class doctors who have been trained both here and internationally in countries such as Spain, the United States, and the UK. If a student must return home prior to the end of his or her program, our staff will assist the student with necessary transportation arrangements as well as work with their home institution to tie up all loose ends, ensuring that they receive as much credit as possible for the work they completed during their time in Ecuador.

+ Passport

Students should always carry a copy of their passport photo and entry stamp pages while traveling within Cuenca, keeping the original in their home or apartment. When traveling outside of Cuenca they are required to take their original passport with them. However, while traveling, we also ask that students also take the photocopied pages and keep them stored in a separate location.

Upon arrival in Ecuador, El Nomad will scan students’ passports and keep an electronic file in the Cuenca office. This is a security measure and will help to replace identification in case their passport is stolen or lost.

+ Drugs

Buying, using, and selling drugs is illegal in Ecuador and will result in termination without refund of your El Nomad program. If a student is arrested or jailed for any reason, including charges related to drug usage or trafficking, they are subject to local laws, and there is nothing that El Nomad, their home university, or the embassy of their home country can do for them.

+ Emergencies

For national emergencies, ranging from natural disasters to government coups, El Nomad’s first point of contact is with the embassy. Evacuation procedures are carried out accordingly and further procedures vary depending on the situation and consulate instructions.

If coming from Australia, Students are required to register pre-departure with Australian government: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/ website. El Nomad Study Abroad Programs has regularly feeded updated information from the Embassy of Australia, Canada and the United States. Please note: Ecuador is an economically and politically stable country. National emergencies are rare and not a daily reality.

Students are required to follow the step-by-step emergency procedures outlined in their onsite orientation and information booklet. Privately organized excursions are to be registered with the El Nomad Staff. The following information must be specified before departing:

  • Departure and arrival times/information
  • Accommodation/hostel contact details
  • Names and contact numbers of all accompanying persons.

In cases of emergency this allows us to easily get in touch with them, know their exact whereabouts and well-being, and provide them with specific instructions to follow. We will also be in touch with their home institution in case of such emergencies, providing them with the same information given to students on-site.

+ When in Doubt

If you are ever unsure or have a question about safety issues, please give us a call or stop by the office. Your well-being is our number one priority! For the most up-to-date safety information, please refer to the Department of State website.

+ Refund Policy

To confirm participation in your program we require 25% of your total program fee to be paid. Your program is not reserved until this amount has been paid. This 25% deposit is non-refundable.

If you choose to withdraw from a program more than 45 days from your program start date, you will, at most, be refunded only the recoverable, non-committed expenses (e.g. room/board not already paid for), at the discretion of El Nomad’s Managing Director.

30 days out from your program start date all program fees are non-refundable.